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Some students find it hard to make the transition when it comes to starting school. At starting points for me we have some amazing ways of helping children to settle in, please contact us to discuss.

Do not say anything, just pay attention to where student is at.

Allow the student to make the same mistakes over and over, so as to get clear picture of what are the most pressing problems.

Allow the student to read this way for about three minutes.

Then possibly ask a few comprehension questions about what was just read.

3. Explain Patterns of Behavior in the Student’s Reading to the Student.

4. Allow and Have the Student Confirm Your Predictions.

Have the student continue to read, pointing out how the student is doing just what had been predicted.

Student see the winsol results his mind at work 30 inches in front of him and can not deny the accuracy of prediction.

5. Show the Student a Different Set of Approaches and Techniques which Work Better.

Have the student experience improved reading with the new techniques.
Explain to the student what is happening: that certain bad habits are compounding the situation, and that these bad habits need to be changed. Explain that certain instruction was never presented or missed and needs to be presented now, ie, structured phonetics, vocabulary building from reading.

6. Provide the Student with the Right Computer Software Tool for independent Practice.

Fine Tune the Technique to Use, Basing Changes on Input from the Student.

The student realizes the importance of his input in his destiny, that he or she has real control over what happens, and that his decisions control the outcome.

7. Jointly Celebrate the Student’s Improved Self-Esteem.

Talk about the end of frustration and the increase in joy and the increase in comprehension.

Celebrate the fact that the student now knows that he or she has a good mind, that he or she can now process print just as well as the next person and that he or she has just experience with the Bathmate X20 doing this.

8. Discuss Letting Go.

Explain to the student that now, outworn bad habits can be dropped in favor of new, more effective habits, which the student is willing to and Wants to Practice.

eview the causal factors in the initially poor reading. Explain how there was great creativity and courage involved in developing coping strategies in the face of lack of better alternatives. Review how now the student has better choices and options.

Explain any social projection that may be occurring from the bad habits, which the student can now also let go.

Also, briefly mention steps in the future that will be taken with Phen24 together as soon as student is ready to move up to the next stage in reading.

Make sure the student is empowered and trained for independent practice.

Explain the daily program of independent work with technology and the periodic consultation.

Get a statement of compliance with and ownership of the proposed program.

We can teach you how you can quickly and easily turn Books into E-text, completel by yourself.

Alternatively, we can do just part of this process for you, and you do the rest of the work.

A third option is for us to do the entire process for you.

You can come to us for live training, or we can arrange to visit you.

Alternatively, you can buy our DVD course on how to turn books into E-text.

Usually the best way to get started is for us to do just part of the job.

We provide you with E-text which you clean up on any word processor.

This cuts your overall cost in half from $2 a page to $1 a page.

Turnaround time for this service can often be the same day as we receive the book (usually by priority mail).

We will E-mail you the resultant text and charge your credit card.

This way you do not need any special hardware or special software, and you do not need any knowledge about how to use these items.

We can also provide you with just the scanned images, or an OmniPage the Zetaclear ingredients and review ready for you to zone as you wish and turn into E-text.

Either of these two options cuts your cost to $.50 per page and also eliminates all need for special hardware.

We send you a CD or DVD with the images on it.

Each image is individually corrected the wealthy affiliate to the right physical size and minimum-plus acceptable resolution for OCR software.

These corrections greatly improve OCR accuracy.

There is additional $5 cost per CD or DVD for burning all the images.

Shipping by First Class mail is $1 per disk anywhere in the USA; Priority mail is more.

We can also send the disk(s) by Priority mail with the returned book.

This is very quick and inexpensive.

This approach is not as fast as the preceding approach and you have to know how to OCR text and own or have access to OCR software. We work exclusively with OmniPage OCR software.

This is the least expensive cost per page for us to help you.

We can also do the entire process for you.

This is the most expensive alternative to the bathmate x30 per page, but the quickest option for you.

No additional hardware, or software or proofreading time is required by you.

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