Starting Points For Me

Welcome to starting points for me.

This is my new website to help people who are new to the internet and browsing online.

There are 2 main topics I’ll be writing about on this site.

1: Internet Safety

It’s an unfortunate fact that the internet can be quite an unsafe place at times and there are many bad people that will try and take advantage of experienced internet users let alone newbiews.

There are phishers that will try and steal your login information. There are website that will try to install malicious programs on your computer to steal your information and there are just plain scammers that will hide behind their computers and lie to you to get something.

So I’ll be covering all kinds of ways to protect yourself online.

2: Tips On How To Browse And Where To Go Online

The internet is huge and never ends and there are so many different ways to brose and get what you want.

So I’ll be writing all kinds of articles on how to make life easier and find whatever it is you’re looking for faster.

So to sum up, the Starting Points For Me blog is going to be a guide to the internet for newbies and I hope you find it helpful!